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I am a computer graphics designer and artist, born in Willemstad, Curaçao. Growing up on the small island of Curaçao, I was surrounded by rough and beautiful nature, rich folklore traditions, and mass media from the outside world, including video games, animations, movies, and the internet. These elements are deeply ingrained in my DNA and have significantly influenced my artistic style.

At the age of sixteen, I moved to the Netherlands, where I studied Game Art & Design at Mediacollege Amsterdam and Visual Effects at the Netherlands Film Academy. During my studies, I experimented with interactive media such as VR and created numerous short films, animations, and games. Now based in Almere, Netherlands, I actively work as an artist and designer on various commercial projects and my own artistic practice.

During my career, I have contributed to multiple notable projects, including "Horizon Zero Dawn" for PS4, VFX and animations for festival-nominated short and feature films, Adidas commercials such as the Rift Valley campaign, and interactive VR installations for the opera and ballet.

Looking forward, I aim to continue exploring the intersection of art and design, creating interactive media and visual arts.



Artist Statement

My passion for art and design began with a deep fascination for video games, animations, and drawing. The flashy yet simple aesthetics of animation (Studio Ghibli, Disney), the irresistibly engaging power of playing games, and the ability to tell stories with just a few scribbles have all guided and deeply influenced me.

The sensation of 'play' is what I strive to achieve with my work, both for myself and for my audience, while also exploring the depths of identity and visual aesthetics.

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