• Charleton Mercelina

Sumo wrestling frogs breakdown

The original artwork that inspired my project

This project actually started as part of a Zbrush class given at my university, the assignment was to come up and sculpt a humanoid creature. For this I wanted to go with something lively and cartoon-ish, I chose the well-known Japanese wrestling frogs as a starting point, I always wanted to make something inspired by old Japanese art like this one so I was pretty excited.

Zbrush Sculpt

Zsphere posing

Blocking in the shapes

First thing I did was block in the overal shapes with some simple ZSpheres, as you can see I started with the posing of two characters right away... By already posing my models from the start forced me to sculpt every detail asymmetrically. It would've been much easier if I had just started with one character and sculpted the details symmetrically, so yeah.. lesson learned for the next time

Final sculpt

I was pretty pleased with how the sculpt turned out, I originally wanted to add an extra character some sort of a judge for the wrestling match but didnt have any time left to sculpt this since the assignment had a deadline. However I did want to texture the finished sculpt and make it more lively like I intended. The overall pose and shapes worked well, so some colours would only compliment the shapes and make it more lively.

Final sculpt

Optimizing for texturing and render

For the texturing phase I had to do some optimization since the original sculpt was pretty high poly. I used maya to retopologize and reduce the mesh count and later textured the models in Substance painter.

Textured models in Marmoset Toolbag 3

Final Renders

Interactive 3D View