• Charleton Mercelina

Making of 'Delicate'

Bijgewerkt op: 7 jan 2019

Breakdown on how I created my latest work 'Delicate'.


The 3D artwork I made was inspired by a painting I came across made by Malcolm T. Liepke named 'flower boy'. I really liked the looseness of the brush strokes and the facial expressions of the character portrayed. My goal in this project was to complete a finished image with the likeness of this painting, focusing mostly on his striking expression.

Zbrush Digital sculpture

First I started out with the 3D sculpture, I purposely avoided using reference to get more stylised proportions of the shapes yet trying to make it feel as natural and balanced as possible. I was quite happy with the final sculpt and especially the time it took me to get me to the final sculpted version, I have done a lot of sculpting prior to this and I would always spend too much time in the sculpting phase, So I felt like I am getting faster and more efficient in 3D sculpting.


This was done pretty quickly since I didn't have major skin variations, I would only focus on the face and some parts of the hand. Just painting the blue, yellow and red undertones and overlaying these with a noised basic skin color layer did the job.


I used Maya Xgen for hair creation, after a lot of iterations, code expressions and masking (and crashes...) I got a pleasing result. I have watched a lot of Xgen tutorials and experimented with it quite a lot but this was the first time I actually completed a project using Xgen, this made me learn a lot just by trial and error, something that I could have never learned from watching tutorials. Can't wait to dive into this again.


Now that everything was set only thing left to do was render using Arnold renderer for Maya. I kept it pretty simple with the lighting, one warm indoor hdri image for the diffuse lighting combined with an area light to get some hard backlight.